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Translation and Proofreading

When you translate, not only do you need to be proficient in the source and target languages but you also should know the topic you are dealing with. Once a translator from the Italian newspaper La Repubblica told me a good professional needs to have a sort of trivial pursuit knowledge. I agree with him and therefore I've never stopped studying and learning. In every single translation there is not just the comprehension of a text or passage but the discovery of a whole universe.

It does not matter if the texts are about business, tourism, medicine or literature, my translations are always reliable and accurate.

  • ITA <> ENG
  • ITA <> SPA
  • ENG <> SPA

By proofreading a translated text I check that it is grammatically, stylistically correct and its content is coherent to the source text. All my translations are proofread. Translations whose target languages are English and Spanish are proofread by two mother tongue colleague I have been working with for many years.

Proofreading service is also offered for texts I haven't translated by myself.



Among my services there is the consecutive translation. I do such type of translation both in events and business meetings.

School trips abroad

School trips abroad

Thanks to the cooperation with travel agencies and school of languages in other countries I plan school trips in the UK and Spain. In summer I work as a tour leader for high school students.

In-house Language Consultant (Privates and Companies)

From teaching to translating, from ESP to interpreting, In-house language consultancy is a package of tailor-made services which will improve the quality of international communication of privates and companies. I offer this service all over the region Latium.