English Courses

Only you

Only you

It is a one-to-one course aimed at those people who need to achieve specific purposes  shortly, such as university exams or a job interview. This course is also strongly advised for students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. During the entrance test and the learner profile I will work out a plan which meets your needs and requirements. Only you is flexible in syllabus and schedule.



This course is aimed at friends, colleagues, relatives or couples who are at the same level. Who is going to be your partner in the adventure of learning a foreign language? You choose!



The mini group is made up of 4-6 students at the same level. This course will allow you to compare yourself with other people who share your needs and difficulties but at the same time I will take care of you individually.


ESP (English for Specific Purposes)

Business English

This course will let you feel more comfortable at work. You will learn how to speak on the phone, write business letters and emails, make presentations and take part in business meeting, write a report about the company trends, recognize and use marketing and selling techniques.

English for Tourism

This course is aimed at the those who work or are going to work in the tourism field such as travel agency or accommodating services. You will learn specific vocabulary, to hold a fluent conversations with customers/guests, to speak on the phone, to place orders, to reply complains. Finally, you will be able to describe, compare and promote accommodating services.

English Nautical Language

If you are preparing your exam to become third officer on ships and you find translating from English into Italian difficult, this is the right course for you. With an innovative method you will learn how to store a huge number of specific words and manage to pass from one language to the other.

Cambridge English Examination Training Courses

A Cambridge certificate is a good reference either for work or study. Over the years I've developed an effective method which allows you to be prepared but not stressed for the exam. 100% pass rate.

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